Hi All my name is Vivian , I'm new to the forum and just wanted to share my experience with a pair of Andrew Jones Pioneer BS22LR bookshelves that i recently purchased. I have always loved audio and music in general. I have through the years, owned equipment from Musical Fidelity (which i still love), Linn , B&W and Sonus Faber. I have a rather eclectic taste in music which makes choosing equipment, a task, to say the least.

After down-scaling and selling off all of my equipment, I recently decided to once again pursue my audio passion. I started by purchasing a Pathos Classic One MK2 (pre-owned) to which i added a Marantz CD63KI and after looking for a good pair of bookshelf speakers, came across several reviews of the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer BS22LR, which has garnered a somewhat cult following amongst audio lovers the world over.

I must say that purely on all of the reviews that i had read, i did purchase them- unheard. My reasoning behind this was, at the price point, if they did live up to the hype, i could just use them around the house or as desktop speakers for my PC.

Unpacking them and connecting them up to the other components, i have never been more shocked at the level of pure brilliance these budget monitors mustered. Wow, these have to be on par with the NAD 3020 disbelieve, that shook the audio world all those years ago.
Every CD that i listened to, these Pioneers handled with the composure of high-end bookshelves 5 times the price. My go-to track that i normally audition speakers is 'The Gladiator Soundtrack' - track 3 ( The Battle) will highlight whether a speaker is worthy or not. I am totally in awe of these giant killers. A future classic in my opinion purely on the 'bang for buck' premise.