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    Picture Distortion


    How can I detect picture distortion when placing non-magnetically shielded speakers
    (BW DM-303) close to TV ?

    Technically what is the minimum distance I should place speakers from TV in order not to get distorted ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolemcgrgr50
    How can I detect picture distortion when placing non-magnetically shielded speakers (BW DM-303) close to TV ?
    In my case, the color on the TV went greenish at the lateral extremes. You won't harm anything by placing them very close, noting the visual difference, then moving them far enough away to eliminate the interference.


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    If you have an LCD you wont have that problem.
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    Same thing happens to my TV. The picture turns green where it's closest to the's most noticeable on white backgrounds. Find a channel with a lot of white in the picture and if it looks green you'll know you've got interference.

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    There are two kinds of distortion - color and geometric. If your picture is warping, the speaker is too close.

    If you got a blotch of distorted color you may or may not need to move it further away. Leave the speaker in the same place and turn the TV on and off a few times. This will demagnetize the color mask and will probably clear up color distortion at least until the next time you move the speaker(s).

    With this procedure, I was successfully using a DM-302 as a center channel speaker directly below the tube for a while. No damage was done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackraven
    If you have an LCD you wont have that problem.
    Same goes for plasma. Only CRT TV's have problems with non-shielded speakers.


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    Only a problem with CRT sets.

    Some sets will require a technician for degaussing once magnets have been too close. It is better to sneak up on the spacing carefully watch for any color change as the speakers get closer.

    Normally 3 feet would be enough for all but the very strongest driver magnets

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