• 12-24-2003, 11:40 AM
    Paradigm Studio with Rotel amplifier should be fine?
    Hello guys,

    Merry Christmas to everybody!

    I have the Paradigms Studio 100 v2, and I would like to buy some Rotel amplifier to run them. I haven't idea about this combination. Has someone experience about it or listens a setup like that?
  • 12-24-2003, 12:17 PM
    Jimmy C
    Yup, I was using the Studio 60s...
    ...with the RC995 and the RB991 amp.

    I think the Rotel gear is a bit of a sleeper - I have substituted more expensive stuff in MY room (a "better" pre with my amp, for eg.) and could not justify the 3X price difference. There might have been a bit more detail, but I'll wait 'till something knocks my sox off.

    The amps are probably even a better deal... I have done home demoes with others, but he suprising thing is how well mine stood up to mega-buck amps in the store. My current speakers are more revealing than the 60s, so maybe the differences would be greater - not sure.

    No matter which models you're looking at, I think you will find good value. Bring it home for a few days if possible - the only way to tell for sure. I doubt one could be terribly disappointed, especially at the price.

    The phono stage in their preamps are pretty good as well, if that matters to you.

    I'm actually reluctant to look at lesser-powered, maybe sweeter integrates in the $2K-$3K range... I don't wanna lose the bass!

    Give them a listen, and good luck!
  • 12-25-2003, 07:49 PM
    Rotel and Paradigms
    Hello i have the Paradigm v2 100's and recently (3 months ago) purchased a slightly used, less then 10 hours Rotel RMB1075. Very happy with this combo although the 5 channel is rather large, but happy with the performance so far. Iam about 50/50 HT and music and i push the paradigms quite hard and they just move! I say that when i first got the Rotel there seemed to be a slight tinny sound that dominated, but after tweaking my system and i think giving the amp and speakers some time they seem to have lost the tinny sound. Very happy with the combo much better then the ES sony receiver that was driving my system before. Had a bit of difficultly finding a used rotel for the price i was willing to pay ($700 before shipping) but they are out there. I don't think you will be dissapointed at all in this combo and highly recommend it! Anything i can help you with let me know.