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    Paradigm Monitor 7

    I can buy 4 Monitor 7's (new in box) for $1000. I have a new Denon AVR-2805 receiver, my theater room is 340 square '. would these work for fronts and backs?? Is that a good deal??

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    Aren't monitor 7s a little over $600 per pair? As long as you're getting them from a reputable dealer (and the warranty is intact, that's always nice to have) then that's a good deal for those speakers. Having them for front and rears would work fine as well, you don't have to get any special speakers for your rears, it just depends on room layout and usually budget for many people.

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    Great deal. Do you like how they sound?
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    if you like them, get them!
    having the same fronts and rears is great for 5.1 channel sacd's!!!
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