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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat D
    I don't think you've thought this one out. This is what British comedian Michael Flanders said in Flanders and Swann's number, "A Song of Reproduction," as close as I can remember it off hand:

    "They want the sound of an orchestra actually playing in their sitting room. Personally, I can't think of anything I should hate more than having an orchestra actually playing in my sitting room! But they seem to like it . . ."

    What happened to the idea of creating the illusion of hearing a performance in a much larger hall or whatever ambience the recording was made in?
    Uninterested in what a comic thinks - and you should believe that you're not listening to speakers but immersed in the event.

    And the thrid paragraph - well push the Church button on whatever receiver and hey any speaker good or bad can make a neato little shift to make it sound like you're listening in a church - in every room I've lived in over the years. Some receivers offer more selections like Hall, Rock concert???, etc. Maybe they have one for bathroom, kitchen etc.

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    Talking Try and audition a Dynaudio audience 52se

    Try and audition a Dynaudio audience 52se before you decide.All your problems with aggressiveness and distortion in the highs will dissapear...
    You need good amplification though...good luck.

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