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    Outdoor Speakers

    I'm pretty much an audio nut. I have everything sound system wise that you can think of. I was shopping online for outdoor speakers and noticed all the different online companies selling their version of outdoor speakers. I could not believe it. I first noticed this depot guy stating speakers since 1966. This guy must think everyone is on crack! Outdoor speakers of this sort was not available back then. I have done some research, to help clear the air & learned that the TIC Corporation did have a outdoor speaker product called the "Omni Speaker". Actually back then it was called the Paramount Speaker", which is the same. These speakers were made for Paramount Studios back in 1976, which is really the year it all started. So my real question, after the research, was where to buy their products. Guess what? I called and asked them where they reccommended purchasing their products. They mentioned a couple so I called both of them. I called the first one they gave me which was Outdoor Speaker Store or and immediately was floored by the service I received. Not a lot of pushy people trying to get you to buy but sincere & helpful Audio nuts like myself. We clicked instantly & I wanted to share this experience with you all as I feel if you ever go looking for outdoor speakers, you will see the confusion that can over-whelm you. Anyways, just a bit of my words of total satisfaction by these guys. I give them kudos. Thanks TIC Corp! You got a winner there! If you had more Representation of this sort you would be above the marketing Giants like Bose. Consumer sthink you have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get quality sound & performance. WRONG! Remember? I'm the Audio nut! I will promise you that there are better products available, like Outdoor Speaker Store has for much less, & more sound. If you feel like sending me a word, I will be happy to feel you in more about the speaker products & audio products available today. Get ready to get your hands dirty!

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