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    Orb Speaker Review

    Orb speakers have been discussed in a number of different forums on a number of different sites but here's a link to what might be their first professional review...I'm in my second month of ownership and words cannot properly describe how pleased my family is with their Audio and HT performance...anyone in the speaker market should definitely add Orbs to their short list.

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    Maybe for HT, but they leave alot to be desired for Stereo, at least in my listening environment and 28 days of trial.

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    I use them almost exclusively for music and I think they sound to each their own, I suppose. I think the system that they rave about in that review is a 2.1 stereo system, too.

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    It must be that I enjoy a warmer sound from my speakers and equipment...they are very quote another forum member, ' cymbals crashing!'

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