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    Quote Originally Posted by drseid
    Just because the speakers can handle 100 watts does not necessarily mean you *need* 100 watts, IMO. In your room in a nearfield setting and taking into account the pretty good sensitivity rating of the VR-1s, I don't think either the 640A or 1501A are necessary... The 540A or 1501A would be plenty powerful for your needs, IMO.

    That said, if you think you might need to switch the speakers to a much larger room in the future without an amp upgrade later on, then the 640A or 1701A might be better choices...

    Whoops, it is too late for me to edit my post, but I got the Jolida models mixed up... What I *meant* to say was the 1501A was probably not necessary... and the *1701A* would most likely be more than enough for your needs (for some reason, the 1701 has less wattage and is less expensive than the 1501).

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    More news, I ended up buying the Cambridge Audio Azur 640a Ver.2 on Audiogon (I'm loving this site) for $550 Canadian. It was kind of an impulse buy, since it just apeared the night before, and the seller is in Canada. My days of stalking audiogon paid off.

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