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    Ohm rating question


    I've been looking around for a pair of floorstanding speakers and these Cantons caught my eye;

    The only problem is that these speakers are rated at "4-8 ohms".
    I'm concerned that my receiver won't be able to handle these. Both of my receivers ask for speakers rated 6 ohms or higher. I called CantonUSA and they stated that the speaker was 4 ohms but good for amplifiers between 4 and 8 ohms. Does anyone know?

    Or should I just go with Infinity Beta 50's since I already have the Beta center channel?

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    I went ahead and ordered the Infinitys.

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    Truthfully, I'd be surprised if all but the smallest A/V receiver couldn't handle a Canton, 4 ohm speaker. They're fairly efficient and not difficult to drive. Most 8 ohm speakers drop to around 4 ohms at some frequencies, so maybe that's what Canton is implying.
    If you added a bunch of them to a home theater system, the demands for current at high volume levels could strain the receiver.

    Better safe than sorry, but I'm sure you would have been fine.

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