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    Talking NHT SB3, SB2, SW10, & NHT center

    Just recieved and installed the NHT SB3's & SB2's. I have had NHT speakers for the last 10yrs or so and cannot bring myself to perchase any other brand.
    The SB3's are just awesome, the soundstage is beyound belief with digital radio and SACD's. If is as if the band is right in front of you at moderate levels. I have all 4 on Sanus stands in a 18'x13' room. In my opinion there is not a speaker anywhere near the price that compares. If you are serious about quality sound with both music and movies you will e short selling yourself if you do not give NHT a try.

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    Congrats! The consistency you've enjoyed with one brand is becoming a consumer rarity. I've noticed quite a few new people show up here after being a one-brand consumer, then get disappointed when they replace their old model with a new one from the same manufacturer and it fails.

    I have 2 pairs of NHT SuperOnes that are great for my uses. I have one pair matched with a sub that are used mostly for movies and another pair for music in my bedroom system - these are so versatile when it comes to placement that I can always get good sound every time my wife rearranges things which is often.

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    I have to agree with the lovers of NHT. I have had my SuperOnes for many years and they still sound good through several equipment changes. Their newer speakers are also very good. I use to change speakers a lot and I think I have had the SuperOnes longer than most of my other speakers combined. I now have more room for larger speakers and will check out the larger NHT's. Congrats mckabe on the set up and enjoy.
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