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    Question Newbie needs help on vintage speaker/new receiver paring

    I bought a set of Pioneer cs-g303 (or maybe g403??) speakers off Craigslist, in good condition and it looked like the guy had them hooked up to a pretty modern Sony Receiver.

    I am looking to get mine hooked up mainly for bluetooth usage with my computer, iPad and iPhone. I was interested in this receiver, a Pioneer VSX-822-K (mainly for its compatibility with apple products): VSX-822-K - 5.1-Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver | Pioneer Electronics USA

    Im not even going to PRETEND I know what I am doing, so asking the experts... is this a good pairing? I dont want to blow out or fry a nice, new receiver. Just looking for something that will work with my speakers with Bluetooth from all my many devices

    Any input from you guys would be lovely!

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    Bueller? lol... No one has any idea?

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    Probably nobody here has much experience with either of the units mentioned so opinions would not be helpful.

    I looked at the speakers and found this

    They are 6 Ohm impedance
    They can handle 120 Watts of max power

    For the Pioneer, it says 8ohms. Without getting the MFG or someone in the know to confirm, it SHOULD be able to drive 6ohm speakers but I would be leery of any 4ohm speaker. It is 80 watts into 8 so it would be closer to 100 wpc driving 6ohm so the speakers will be fine.

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    I had a friend of mine that I used to live by in my home town that owned that pair of speakers for a while and he ran them with a vintage Marantz receiver from the 70's with under 100 watts per channel and it did just fine with them so I would say that they would be fine with this receiver.

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    Thanks for your responses! Looks like I am in the clear? I wasnt sure how all the wattage worked, and I dont quite understand how to match all this up.

    I know the speakers say this:
    Frequency range: 35-20kHz
    Impedance: 6
    Max music power: 120 W

    Looks like the receiver says:
    Operating power consumption: 450 W
    Min Frequency Response: 20 Hz
    Max Frequency Response: 20 Hz
    Digital to Analog Audio Converter: 192 kHz - 3 byte

    Sooo I think it should work. I would imagine if the speakers were OVER 450 W then we would have a problem?


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    Ah, I also saw this on the Pioneer Receiver:

    Guaranteed speaker impedance: 6 ohm to 16 ohm

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