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    New Stands

    Just finished making some custom stands for my Mini Monitors. They came out
    pretty good. This was a learning process, and was an interesting study. The stands were made from oak.

    Here's the back, with an ornamental rear column that adds some support. The front provides most of the support and is filled 2/3rd's with sand.

    Here's my new setup with a recent acquisition of a vintage Pioneer SX-650 receiver.
    The receiver sounds much warmer and robust than my little phono preamp hooked up to
    my modern receiver. The 650 is only rated 35w, but I barely need to turn it up past to fill up my room.

    Just wanted to share. Thanks Poppachubby for the advice on the other vintage Pioneer receiver, turned out to be too much of restoration job.


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    Lovely stands! Great job. Too bad the pictures are so small though

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    Those look wonderful Enochrome. Your set-up looks great too. It's a shame about the tubed Pioneer, it would have been a unique piece. If you are interested in tubes, get a budget together and we can make it happen. Some exposed tubes will look sweet on that cabinet. Good stuff!!

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    Wow great job i like em!

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    Great job-Nice compact set-up!
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