I just replace my B&W603s3/lcr600 with system audio sa1750 and sa720 center.Originally had the crossover in my receiver for the B&W at 60 for the 603s3 and lcr600.The specs for the 603's were freg resp. 44hz-22khz,90 db and 8ohm,crossover freg. 150hz,4khz.The system audio specs are shown as freg. resp. 40hz-40,000hz,90db and 4-8ohm,crossover freg. 700/3000hz.The way the specs are descibed for the SA's has me a little confused being everything is hz vs hz-khz apparently they dont use khz.So i'm a little confused as to where to set my crossover on my reciever for the SA's.Shoud i leave it where it is at 60 or should i do 80 or even take it down to 40.I would appreciate anyone with knowledge on this stuff help me out here.As it is i dont understand the freg specs.