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Thread: New Speakers!

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    Talking New Speakers!

    Hello everyone. I am buying a new 5.1 Speaker System... but I am still not sure how to tell a speaker's quality for sure yet. My budget is $1,000 Here is what I have so far:
    2: JBL Stadium 3-Way Dual 8" Floorstanding Speaker (FL & FR)
    1: JBL Voice 2-Way Dual 5" Center Channel Speaker (C)
    2: JBL Arena 2-Way 6" Bookshelf Speakers (RL & RR)
    1: JBL SUB12 12" Powered Subwoofer (SW)

    I could not find any Frequency Graphs for any of these speakers. Can anyone tell me if this is a good setup or not?

    - Mike

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    I've Heard that JBL line and for $1k it sounds pretty decent..... BUT you need to listen for yourself.... try auditioning as many speakers in your price range as you can to find what's best for you....

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    Thanks, I'll head down to Frys or BestBuy and listen for myself.

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    The JBL Venue series is a pretty decent sounding system in your price range. All 5 speakers have the same tweeter which gives you smooth voicing all around. But why not save some money and buy online from B&H Photo. They are an excllent dealer with a superb reputation. Your speaker choices thru them would run $715 shipped free and no sales tax unless you live in New York (if you do then I would recommend suicide!).

    They also have the system as a package with the JBL Balcony surround speaker instead of the Arena for only $675.

    (I think the Balcony is fine and it is less deep (about 6" versus 11.25") so it hugs the wall closer....remember in normal situations the surrounds go on the side walls not the rear walls.....the rear surround speakers in a 7.1 system can go on the rear walls)

    If you want to spend the whole $1000 then I would recommend upgrading to a better sub which with the 5 JBL speakers you choose ($515) would run about $865-$1015 plus shipping on the sub:

    Don't be fooled by the 10" woofer in these subs, they are excellent subs. JBL sub12 is just fine if you choose it. Only giving an option here to increase your bass performance and extension within your budget if you are intersted.


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    I agree with Ajani. Don't just limit yourself to the JBL's but listen to other brands as well. If you like the JBL sound and you can purchase all of these for $1K or under, then do it. But since you're asking, I would look at brands that are not mass marketed (such as the JBL's are in Best Buy and Circuit City). PSB makes an excellent line of loudspeakers in a full range of prices. For $916.00 retail, they offer a "mini-theater" 5.1 speaker arrangement. PSB, NHT, B&W, KEF, Energy, and Mordaunt-Short for example are not mass marketed but are sold in the privately owned hi-fi and home theater stores. You may not be able to acquire loud blasting floor standers with large drivers and woofers for $1K in the higher end brands but you will get quality sounding loudspeakers for a 5.1 channel system. Of course much depends on your listening room size. Again, if you like the JBL sound and it fills your room, then go for it. But those are mass market speakers.

    You asked how can you tell a speaker's quality. Well first realize that speakers not mass marketed are already of a higher quality. Second, you should purchase or borrow out of your local library either one of Robert Harley's books on this topic: "Home Theater for Everyone" or "The Complete Guide to High End Audio". He teaches you just what to listen for in a loudspeaker, how many to auditon at one sitting, cabinet construction, woofer and driver materials, specifications, ohm ratings, sensitivities, etc. Study these first. I keep Robert's Complete Guide book on my coffee table at all times.

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