• 11-18-2003, 06:51 PM
    New Paradigm Signature Series
    Anyone hear any reports on these supposedly ultimate speakers?
    They are suppose to be out in the next few weeks.

  • 11-18-2003, 07:15 PM

    Originally Posted by Andreas
    Anyone hear any reports on these supposedly ultimate speakers?
    They are suppose to be out in the next few weeks.


    I read about a demo that Paradigm did up in the Seattle area, and a couple of the dealers at my local Paradigm retailer have also gotten a sample of the Signatures. Everyone so far has said that they are the real deal. Supposedly, the Sigs use modified versions of the drivers that are in the new Studio v.3 series. But, the cabinetry and the crossovers are supposed to be very different, even though the configurations look very similar. The Studio v.3 that I tried out is an impressive improvement over the v.2 versions that I own.

    I guess we won't know how good these speakers until they start arriving in stores. They have a lot of impressing to do since the entry level S2 is supposed to sell for $2,000 with the S4 going to $4,000. Here are some pic in case you're curious on what they'll look like.


    This is the midlevel S4 and the flagship S6 model.

    The new Servo 2500 sub

    Cutaway view of the tweeter
  • 11-22-2003, 05:06 AM
    the hand of boredom
    The dealer in my area has the S2 and Seismic 12 subwoofer in. Had a chance to listen to the S2 the day after it came in. It sounded a little constrained for 2 grand. Heard it again on Wednesday...This is a pretty good speaker for 2 grand. The midrange has the same smoothness and detail as the Monitor Audio GR10 with slightly better extension. The tweeter is much better than the v2 Studio line. The craftsmanship of the speaker I will honestly say is world class.

    Is the S2 a giant killer? To me, it's close to the DeCapo. But to me, the DeCapo is up there with the true reference standmounts.

  • 11-22-2003, 12:18 PM
    Very nice looking speaker. 2kCDN??? for the S2.

    Anyone know if they will be hitting stores in December.

    If so I will audition them against the N805, Studio 40, the DeCapo, and my AN K. My dealer may also pick up Dynaudio's line as they were in talks to carry em. So I may be able to sqeeze in a Contour model.

    I have most of December off so it would be a fun day to spend in there.