Hello Everyone. Iam new to this forum and I am looking for some advice. I tried to get some advice from my local big box store and all they want to do is sell you stuff. I don't know much about AV but I know more than the guys at my local Best Buy ( I worked at Circuit City for 3 months in the 90s :-). I am looking to upgrade my front speakers and center channel. Ifigured I will upgrade my front speakers first and then get a centerchannel next. I am wanting to keep the price for the front speakersbelow $500. I have looked at several review and two speakers that Iam seeing on several list are Pioneer SP-FS52by Andrew Jones and Fluance XL7F. I can get a pair of the Pioneersfor about $260 on Amazon and the Fluance for about $500 on Amazon. The Pioneer floor speakers get really good reviews however the centerchannel gets horrible reviews. TheFluance center channel gets great review as wells as the book shelfspeakers. There is a sub-woofernext to each front speaker so do I need floor speakers or wouldBookshelf speakers be just as good for Movies? Anythoughts or suggestions on these speakers or any other speakers inthis price range?

TV:Sony XBR-65-850E
Receiver:Sony STR-DN1080
FrontSpeaker: Sony SS-F600P
CenterChannel: MTX in wall center channel
Sub:2 Dayton Audio Sub-1200
SurroundSound: DaytonAudio CS620W inwall speakers
SurroundBack: Polk Audio RC8I in wall speakers
Setup:7.1 Mainlyused for movies and TV

SpeakersCM KX10
Setup:Stereo. Hooked up to Echo Dot and only used for music