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    Need a sub to go with magnepan mg 1s

    Just got a pair of magnepan mg-1s. They sound really good. I do need a decent subwoofer to go with them. Keep in mind i live in an apartment so I cant be too loud... My receiver is Marantz 5400, center channel will be a fluance av-sc i think although i havent got that yet either. I was thinking about the velodyne vx-10 or vrp 1000/1200. Or buying a dayton titanic sub from audiogon or parts express. Im new to this stuff, but have read great things about velodynes and the titanic sub on this site. any advice would be appreciated.

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    Magnepan speakers articulate very well, and better than cone speakers......... and I have heard a LOT of cone speakers. So I would suggest a single servo-feedback controlled sub such as the Velodyne Servo 15 or Paradygm Servo 15. You CAN play them at low levels and they will still sound great, and you should be able to get a seamless transition between the Magnepans and one of these subs. These are pricy, so take your time and find a nice used one. Audiophiles are ALWAYS trading up so a nice used one should float by sooner or later.

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    You may want to give some of the Martin Logan subs a listen... Also, an online brand to consider is ACI. Their Titan model has a dual crossover control that allows you to fine tune the integration with your Maggies...

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