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    Need speaker feedback on Technics Model SB-2722

    I'm considering buying a set of these Technics Model SB-2722 speakers. They look mint but I'm not familiar with these. Any feedback would be great.

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    Not familiar with that specific model but in general Technics was not known for speakers.

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    All the Technics stuff I've come across, including some old and cheap LOOKING speakers, has actually been good; that is, quite sturdily built and sounded good. I mean, they're not going to outshine any really serious speaker from the last 20 years, but for what they are (sometimes a 40 year old speaker that someone is giving away), they can be excellent. I wouldn't pay much for them though, simply because they can be had cheap or free.

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    I had a pair of bookshelf speakers which were pretty substantial and sounded good. These to me look more like a rack system speaker (paper cone tweeter, the drivers don't look recessed, port looks like an after-thought). If you like them and they're inexpensive, buy them. But don't pay good money for them.

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    My father had a set of Technics speakers similar to those and they sounded pretty good for their day but they are old technology. If you are looking for vintage sound they might be an interesting listen but otherwise you can find much better out there today. Depending on what they are priced at you could buy them if they are cheap just as something to play with but look real hard at the drivers. Speakers that are of that vintage typically use foam rubber surrounds that are very weak when they get old and will fall a part and they also can have crossover component failures as well. Just make sure they are in "full" working order before getting them if you are interested.

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    I inherited a pair of mint Technics A70's - floor-standing 3-way bass reflex - and they sound great.

    I stuck them in the rear positions of a 5.1 setup and they speak right up, so I am assuming some decent efficiency. I've had other speakers rotated into the rears and fronts, only the Ohm Walsh 2's have been as audible at low volumes.

    Heavy as can be too - something inside weighs a ton - magnets, crossovers, cement?

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