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    Need Some Info

    Hello Everyone, I just acquired some really old looking speakers, they look to be from around the 60's,70's or possibly 80's style speakers, more than likely these are 60's or 70's. They measure 22" tall,by 12" wide,by 8" deep, There no info on any of the speakers besides some weird #s , On the inside of the box and the back of the front piece of wood that the speakers are mounted to it gives the letters " CR"
    They speakers are 3- way speaker system, They have a 10" woofer, either 5 1/4", 6", or 6 1/2" midrange, and 2 1/2" tweeter.Also on the woofer, the foam surround is installed backwards. I think these are rated as 8 ohms but not certain. one they back of one of the speakers, theirs part of the name of the speakers but all thats left of says "C"?? as possibly the brand of them, also it says " 10 " 3-way"?? The 10" woofer is mounted in the bottom, and from the inside., the midrange is also mounted from the inside, but is above the tweeter and offset of the middle of the speaker. The tweeter is mounted from inside, but is below the midrange,, between the midrange and woofer. its its also mounted offset to the center of the speaker, but opposite of the midrange position. If anyone can help me figure out what brand these could be or any other nfo about these speaker it would be a great help.

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    Pictures always help. It won't help me but the odds would be better for one of the guru's.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Not much to go on, but...

    ...from those dimensions, particularly that 8" depth, I'd guess these are from one of those mass market three piece "rack" systems that everyone offered for a while there.

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