• 02-25-2010, 04:22 PM

    Originally Posted by Feanor
    Not the last I heard -- though I might have missed the email.

    Certainly PSB has shifted all production to China, parts and assembly. A few months ago Paul Barton, in a TAS or 'Phile interview, (don't rememeber which), was ecstatic about doing business over there. He felt he could design, build, and deliver a better product with off-shore production; (up yours, NA workers). Judging by the recent, highly favorable reviews for PSB speakers in various price ranges, he has a point.

    Still kudos to Paradigm for holding for North American production, (assuming that is still indeed true). But for practical purposes we can kiss off production of all mass market and mid-range goods in North American and Europe. And entrepreneurs like Barton needn't be so smug: Chinese entrepreneurs abound and will are already promoting their own designs and brands -- at least some of which are highly compeditive in performance and quality with western-designed goods.

    Chinese brands will have established a solid, popular reputation somewhat before NA and European workers' wages will have fallen enough to make production in these places feasible once again.

    Its just to bad eveythings being built overseas when we need work here in the states.

  • 02-28-2010, 06:18 AM
    T.Bone..here's what I found out about Ipods...
    I spoke with my audio dealer buddy who has a couple of Ipods of his own. My buddy said unless you get an Ipod dock like Wadia or Naim that allows you to bypass the DAC of the Ipod then your Ipod DAC will be the only DAC you will be able to use. As I understand it, Bel Canto is also working to get a license for their own Ipod dock too.