Need rear speaker help?

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  • 10-31-2004, 10:06 AM
    Marc B.
    Need rear speaker help?
    I now have up front Polk RT55i
    Center CS400i
    Rear RT25i
    Sub. Velodyne CHT12
    I was thinking about changing the rear speakers to the new Polk RTi6
    Then all the speakers will have 6.5 drivers in them.
    My rear RT25i now has 5 1/4 driver and a 1 inch tweeter in them.
    My main concern is the new tweeter in the PolkRTi6.
    Will it match with the older tweeters?
    Do you think these new Polk speakers will inprove overall sound.
    I know the ones I now have blend well and are rated well also.
    Any help on my decision.
  • 11-01-2004, 09:39 AM
    I can't comment on the Polk's. But if there is a mismatch you are most likely going to hear the most dominant tweeter which will mask the others. I myself would prefer to have the better tweeter coming from the mains.
    In my set up I have both B&W 601s and Studio 100's as fronts. They have comparable tweeters and they just blend together. I can't hear the rear tweeters over these speakers. I thought of upgrading my rears to the Studio line to match the 100s tweeter and thus balance out the soundield front and back. But I'm not even sure I would notice their influence if I make the change. But to answer your question, in my opinion it would be best to have all tweeters matched but not critical.