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    Need cheap subwoofers

    Here's another call for help with cheap subwoofers.
    I'm in college and need a sub but don't have a lot of cash to spend on one. I've been reading some reviews and doing some research and am currently looking at: yammie yst-sw315, Sony sa-wx700, jbl e250p, infinity entra or some cadence ones i found on ebay. I've got about $200 and wouldn't mind getting a used one. I've got a yamaha htr-5760 receiver and fluance sx speakers. I'd like a 10-12" with some decent power so if you have any experience with these or any others in this price range I'd appreciate your input.


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    This guy agrees with what "this guy" said.

    Datyton offers unbeatable bang for the buck.

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    Check out these subs-

    Look at the Energy ESW-8 and ESW-10 These are good budget subs from a good speaker company. Don't let the price fool you.


    The Mirage Prestige S8 and look for the Mirage Omni S8, both would be my choice for a budget sub.
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    I agree with the Dayton info above and also suggest

    This kit is $285.00, but would give you plenty-o-bass. It takes about 30 minutes to put together. Nothing to it. Everything is cut and ready to go. All you do is twist a few screws and attach two wires.
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    If you are not into rolling your own, then I think Blackraven hit the jackpot for you with the Energy ESW-10. This is one fine sub for a very low price.


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    Quote Originally Posted by blackraven
    Look at the Energy ESW-8 and ESW-10 These are good budget subs from a good speaker company. Don't let the price fool you.
    I recently bought an ESW-8 and am pleased enough that I am considering buying another or an ESW-10 for one of my other systems.

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    Go to the Pass Labs DIY site and check out El-Pipe-O. It's a transmission line sub made from a construction former tube. You can easily scale the design to 8",10",12" or 15" woofers. They also have two different Eq designs (1 passive, 1 active) that will give you a low end that goes flat to below 20Hz. Cheap, deep, loud and easy to build. What more do you need?
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    The Speaker Company makes some nice subs for the money. The ASW 8 and 10 are Energy ESW clones. I picked up the ASW-10 for 99 bucks during Christmas and it performs very well. The T250 is also pretty impressive for only 249.

    TSC offers free shipping both ways. So if you don't like the product send it back on their dime.

    Their are some good reviews over at

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    The Velodyne VX-10 is a good starter sub at a $159.00 Price point all over the web!

    Designed to deliver substantial bass output for home theater applications at a very affordable price, the Velodyne VX-10 subwoofer has a 10 driver powered by a discrete-component 150-watt dynamic power amplifier. The front-firing 10 woofers output is enhanced by a precisely engineered rear mounted port to produce significant bass extension, output and impact.
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