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    Need advice for speakers and reciever. First world problem, i have too many speakers.

    I play music via my computer. My computer has a S/PDIF out put and these out puts Attachment 9393
    I have the following speakers, receivers and 5 disc CD players available:
    two infinity IL40, one infinity IL25c, two infinity SM 125, two MTX audio thunder6000 and two infinity SM 65.
    Recievers: one Yamaha RX-V670 and one Harman/Kardon AVR 510
    CD players: one Yamaha CDC-645 and one Harman/Kardon FL 8380

    I don't really care about the CD player because i rarly use it. My biggest concern is the reciever and speakers. I have too many speakers as you can see. The yamaha reciever supports up to 7 speaker while the Harman/Kardon seems to only support 5.1. What is my best option? i want to support as many speakers as possible for my surround sound. The Harman/Kardon reciver supports S/PDIF (i think) so i might finally be able to take advantage of the computer audio. Currently the computer is hooked up to the Yamaha reciever via the green port (on pc end) and white/red cable into CD imput on receiver.

    Overall which speakers give the best quality? [i really like bass(smooth , not rap music thud), i mostly listen to trance,dance, rock, pop, ect]
    Which receiver supports the most speakers?
    Which receiver will work best? (well with the computer or give better quality)

    Please help me decide, what to keep and what to get rid of, i'm not sure how good the equipment i have is. Thanks in advance.

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    I personally would use the SM125 for front left/right and a single SM65 for your center channel, this would give you voice, or timbre, matching across the front. Then if using 7.1 the MTX could be rear with the iL's back rear, or pick one of those sets for rear in the 5.1 depending on room. The SM series are high efficiency, they will play loud with little power input.

    I would think either receiver would have a SPDIF digital input. You'd have to see which way sounds best, a digital signal from computer and decoded inside the receiver via it's built in DAC, or, the analog from computer, the way you are using it now. I would suspect the receiver DAC would sound better than the computer sound card.

    You'd have to listen to the receivers to see which you prefer. I suspect the HK will have a punchier controlled bass response while the Yamaha may have a more natural sounding midrange.

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