Hi, I just joined last week, so i'm quite new. I have a pair of Mordaunt-Short MS 902 which I purchased in 2003, and which I hook up to a Rotel RA 930-AX mkII amp and a Marantz CD-5400 cd player. Its been a good and enjoyable listen to the speakers but Mordaunt-Short has recently introduced the Carnival 2 and I was captivated when I first listened to them as they were much more natural sounding and give a better sense of space and airiness with excellent bass control. The design is beautiful and they're so good to look at. Plus, its got an exlellent reviews from What Hi-Fi Magazine. The MS 902s are brighter and very detailed in the treble, punchier in the bass and very dynamic overall. There is hardly any difference in price between the ones I have now and the Carnival 2 but i wonder if it makes sense exchanging these for the Carnivals. Any advice?