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    Mirage OMNI 550 and 150 has both pairs for $450 out the door!

    Anyone had any luck with them??

    I was thinking to use them together as fronts and backs just for music. I don't play music very load and I keep the bass at less then half on my Integrated amplifier.

    There Is a resturant around my way that has a whole Mirage set up and boy does It sound fantastic!!!

    Thanks guys.

    Pioneer sa-730 50x2 A/B

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    I have Mirage Nanosats

    I currently have Mirage Nanosats 5.0 system and enjoy them very much for a dedicated HT system. I don't care to listen to music through them though. Maybe the Mirage models you are considering are better suited to music reproduction than the Nanosat's.


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