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    Minuet Speakers VS PSB B6 speakers

    I have made my decision down to these two speaker models . What I need help with is i dont know if there is really enough differance in these two speakers for me to notice, there is 150 dollars differance in these speakers , I would like to here from you to help me make my decision , I dont mind paying the differance if there is that much quality differance , Im not a proffesional by no means but like to here good quality music and the hghs and the lows without distortion . Mountain Man I would realy like to here from you on these Minuets . Thank You , Ricky

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    Minuet speakers VS PSB B6 speakers

    I do not know about Minuet speaker, but I have bought PSB image B6 bookshelf speakers this month from PSB authorized dealer in Singapore at SGD650.00. I compared B6 VS B25 (Old model) at show room, both of them sounds VERY similar but I choose B6 because their power output is 20 - 150 watts at 6 ohms (150watts program) more than B25 power output 10-100 watts at 6 ohms (70 watts program), which means you can use more power watts integrated amplifier to drive the B6. Also, B6 speaker terminal is birwireable but B25 is a single terminal only.The old model B25 has a very good reviewed by Stereophile, my opinion on listening test, B6 is as good as B25 and I think B6's bass seems to be slightly deeper and more punchier than B25.

    The reason I choose B6 to replaced my old B&W 601 S3 as front speaker and added a PSB subsonic 5i subwoofer for 2 channel music is, B&W 601 S3 is a good speaker but they can only play my CD collection for pop, vocal, classic rock, country & oldies songs etc, they CAN NOT play all my CDs, B&W always struggling in the mid range and low frequencies for hard rock and heavy metal music (B&W low frequency cut off is 60 HZ, sensitivity is 88 db), they can't play louder, the music was shut in the speaker.

    With PSB B6, I can play all kind of music including heavy metal and hard rock (B6 low frequency cut off is 40HZ, sensitivity 90db) and they can play louder. I would says PSB B6 is all rounder speaker, they can also play good for other type of music.

    If you would like to purchase PSB B6 from local dealer, take note of it is made in China, make sure you open up the box and check carefully on the build quality of speaker, thanks.

    Albert Tan

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    Its been a while since you posted this and I haven't been on in a while. I did end up with the Minuets and love them. You will need a subwoofer though if you like lots of bottom end. Frankly, I would probably want a sub with any bookshelf speaker, but that's just me. I've never heard the PSBs so I can't offer any perspective on comparing them with the Silverlines, but lots of people on here love PSBs.

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