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    Cool Magnepan System Help?

    I am looking for some help in setting up an AV system using the Magnepans MMG speakers. Many moons ago in grad school my roomate bought magneplanar speakers. The sound was so natural. Piano music sounded like there was a baby grand in the room. At that time the bass was substandard. From what I have read that seems to be improved now and with the availability of a sub should be less of a problem. I have to set up a surround system for a condo which will utilize the MMG speakers as mains

    The problems are:

    1. Are there any other center channel speakers which may work besides the MMG-C? Yes I know it is heresy to not have a matching front soundstage. There are no AV consoles which will pass the wife acceptance test and are large enough to accomodate the MMG-C at a whopping 36 x 9 x 5.5 inches. Are there any other smaller center channel speakers which will fit into a standard cabinet and be acceptable with the MMG's as mains? Is there a way to attach an MMG-C to the top of slim profile (not flat) projection DLP TV?.

    2. I suspect I will be able to get away with using smaller surrounds. I'd love to get a second set of MMG's for the surrounds but again space is an issue. I don't think this would be a system killer but I would be inerested in any opinions on using nonmatching surrounds.

    3. I have to make the compromise of using a receiver. I know the Maggies crave power. Again I only have just so much space and budget. Are there any receivers under $1000 which comfortably drive the Maggies.

    Sincere thanks for offering any sage advice. My heart is with these speakers and I need to find a way to make them work with the constraints I have to work with.

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    The best bang for the buck receiver on a pair of Maggies, at least in my book, is the Cambridge Audio Azur 540r. It even drove my old 3.6's ;-)
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    Look at the NAD receivers. has the NAD T763 for $899 for a refurbished unit. Its a bargain at that price, although I believe that it does not have HDMI inputs. If you can live without that, then its a great deal. Otherwise consider the NAD T755. My receiver has HDMI and I dont use it. I run my HDMI into my TV and then use the digital out from my DVD player into the receiver.
    NAD's match very well with Magnepans.

    You need a receiver thats rated for 4ohms across all channels if your going to use Maggies all around.

    As far as the center channel goes, you can use what ever center you like. I have Magnepans and use a B&W center channel. Its not a perfect match but for movies, I dont care as long as the dialogue is crisp and clear. To me, 2ch audio is more important.

    For rear channels if you dont go with the MMGW's which hang on the wall, then I would go with the same brand center channel as the rears.
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