Hello I will not use the caps lock key this time.May name is Greg as I said earlier
I have a pair of mach ones. I purchased these when they came out in the 80's maybe earlier. I have replaced the woofer with ma (memphis audio). they sound as good if not better than originals. These speakers need separation for good sound 10'-12' between and as much or more between them and listener. Outside they sound great, they are pretty much indestructable. I have read alot about these and one such reading requested using an amp. or rec. with 100 per channel or more. Presently my kenwood pushes I believe 175 per channel. I have several other sets of speakers from bose 2.2 bookeshelves, infinity 2 way shelves (great sounding smaller speakers) technics 3 way 10'' sb's. and even a set of mach II's. What i guess i'm getting at is that these Mach Ones sound good with proper separation. (not meant for bedroom). I am also looking for specs. one the Mach Ones as I am not sure new replacements are what crossovers ask for.(yet they must be close as they don't sound any worse than original woofer)