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Thread: M&K ???

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    M&K ???

    What is the verdict on these speakers?

    Are they a glorified Bose?

    I'm impressed with the 10yr transferrable warranty.

    Apparently they don't advertise...I think thats cool too.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.




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    Miller and Kreisel have been around for decades and most certainly are NOT a glorified Bose. In the beginning, they made their rep as excellent pro monitors and were one of the big names in high end subwoofers before they became de riguer. Today, they are very good for HT although I find them far too aggressive for 2 channel. That's just me though and I'm sure many find them equally adept at both music and HT.

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    M&K makes some of the highest quality speakers available anywhere. There really isn't much more to say about the matter.

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    M&K was one of the few demos with a sub that was quite good - the sub was directly between the standmounts and on a drum solo recording was quite excellent from a system that was under $1k cdn. They were several years ago very good budget products coming from these guys but they never seemed to take hold in my area. If they're still putting the same kind of quality out they were about 8 years ago then they'd certainly be worth a listen.

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    M&K Sub

    All I can add to this discussion is that I bought one of their lower priced range subs, which is sealed and not ported and has a 12" cone, and I couldn't be happier. It is very musical and I use it in a stereo setup. I turn down the volume to about one third for music, and turn it up for extra oomph for films. The cross over is also turned down for music and higher up for films. Considering its one of their cheaper models and its amp is not very powerful (at least on paper) it does a great job in a fairly large room.

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    I am also considering M&K to upgrade my mains. They seem reasonably price. Besides the main website if anyone has links to some good prices

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    M&K is one of the more long-lived names in home theater and they've been with the THX program since the beginning. M&K made their reputation by making speakers and subwoofers for a host of famous studios and dubbing stages, and they're still commonly used in the film industry. Their subwoofers are still well regarded, even though they haven't updated their lineup in a long time. Some people will say though that M&K has rested on their laurels, and that a lot of the industry has passed them by in the meantime. Blasphemy to mention them in the same breath with Bose!

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    I also found M&K to be truly impressive speakers, far and away better than "that other company"

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    Personally, I've never understood the hype behind M&K. I found them to be some of the most cold and sterile sounding speakers I've heard. BUT certainly 1000 times better than Bose, that's for sure.

    My dealer let me take one of their dual 12" subs (around $1400) home and I took it back the next day. It couldn't even pass my 'Toy Story 2' test without breaking up at moderate volume so I was not impressed with thier subs (in that price range, anyway).

    As far as them not advertising...I don't remember seeing an audio magazine without an M&K ad! They advertise quite a bit.

    I guess what I'm saying is...make sure you listen to them and compare before buying.

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