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    Thumbs down Looking for a replacement, tweeter for my Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands

    I have a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grands, but one of the tweeters is bad (does not work) and I am looking for part to repair it. Does anyone have any ideas? Please advise

    Thanks in advance

    Liem N

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    I personally begin with the manufacturer. If they had the part I'd buy a set of the exact replacement. A set because I'm anal like that. If they no longer had them my next step would depend on how much I liked the speaker. You could look online and buy a Mozart for parts. It would really hard to find a tweeter to match the specs and that wouldn't change the sound from the one you originally liked.

    If you blew the tweeter the next step should be buy a better amp that won't clip so easily or keep the volume down. But, that's no fun, LOL. Really though not having enough power is usually what blows tweeters.

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