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    Looking for good subwoofer to go along with Paradigms?

    I have almost completed my HT project. I have Paradigm studio 40/v2 front mains, cc-470/v3 center and Atoms (I know there have been some heated debates about the quality of these here lately but they sounded pretty good for my purposes in the HT room at the Paradigm dealership) for rear channels. I have a Yamaha RX-V1300 receiver.

    My listening room is approximately 11'x15'x8' and my use would be approximately 75% HT and 25% music. I generally like items I own to be high quality in performance and reliable. However, I am not a true audiophile in search of elite performance from my system. I do not like to upgrade components that are durable such as speakers and prefer generally to wait until I can buy a good quality product. I do not have an amp lying around to use on a passive sub.

    I was interested in picking up a good subwoofer to add to my HT. In the local used market there is a Paradigm PDR-12 and Velodyne CT 100 available in my price range right now.

    I am also considering buying SVS PCi 20-39 or HSU-VTF2 but these cost much, much more.

    Is there a great quality difference between the used subs and the new SVS/HSU according to people who have heard them? Would I be better off saving up to buy the SVS/HSU to avoid later upgradeitis?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    Do you have something other than your primary receiver to power it with? If you do you can go with a passive subwoofer, such as one of the SVS CS line of subs. Given your room size, the Adire Audio Rava or HSU STF-2 will work wonderfully. One that isn't as costly is the Rocket ELT-1 sub that goes for $299 + shipping. Another possibility is the 10" Titanic MKIII subwoofer kit which costs $349 plus shipping.

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