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    left center right vs. stereo

    I want to buy a pair of ads CM250LCR speakers. They claim these are designed for "left, center, right" installation. Is there any reason why I can't buy 2 of them for a conventional stereo installation?

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    No reason not to. Typically, a LCR type of speaker simply has a "D'Appolito" driver arrangement were you have the tweeter situated between two midrange/woofers. Most horizontal center speakers use this arrangement, but not all of them have cabinets that are suitable to prop upright for use as L and R speakers. Speakers labeled as "LCR" speakers usually have a more symmetrical arrangement, so they can be used upright as L and R main speakers, or laid down and used as center speakers.

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    Thanks. They were the closest thing they make now to the old 710's I use to have.

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