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    Klipsch RF 83 or Def. Tech 7000s???

    Building a house and am going to add an a surround sound system. Enjoy listening to 2 channel music for the most part, not movies but watch them on occasion. Which speakers would you recommend - the Klipsch RF 83 (like the RF 7) with their top sub or the Def. Tech. 7000s? Any others that I should consider in the $4000-$6000 range? Again, I prefer two channel music, but will have surround sound as well....any thoughts?

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    Hi. My sister has a pair of the Def Tech super towers. I think that they are the BP- 7002's. She has them hooked up to a Denon AV receiver and they sound incredible, especially in the 2 channel mode. I don't know much about the Klipsch RF-83, so can't really comment on them. Within your budget, there should be some fine choices out there for you. If you're interested in a bi-polar speaker, Mirage might be worth a shot also. Good luck.

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