• 01-21-2004, 06:39 AM
    Klipsch KSW10 Sub popping sound
    My HT set up consists of the following components:
    Yamaha RXV795
    Panasonic DVD RP62
    Klipsch KSW10 Sub
    B&W DM602 fronts
    B&W DM302 rears
    B&W CC6 centre
    Sony EXR90 27" TV (still going strong for a 13 year old tv, great color and sound, probably one of the best tv's Sony has ever produced).

    Here is my dilemma:
    My sub makes this annoying popping sound when I play certain movies (i.e. Finding Nemo chapter 8 when the shark detonated the mines), or certain music material with a lot of bass (hip-hop, dance). Is my bass volume turned up too high on my sub? What setting should I set my receiver at to ideally match my sub and vice versa, and what exactly does the phase setting on the sub do? Your comments and feedback is very much appreciated

    Thanks and Happy Listening :)
  • 01-21-2004, 07:32 AM
    Sounds like you might be overdriving the sub somewhat.
    Subs have a maximum level at which they can be played without running out of steam (or power, or excursion, etc...).

    Your choices seem to be to either turn it down or replace it with a beefier one.
  • 01-21-2004, 08:00 AM
    This Guy
    get an spl meter to properly adjust the volume of your sub. Also get a test disc for the sounds in which you adjust your speakers to. First make sure all your speakers are at the same volume at your ears, so get a reference volume, say 75 dB so all your speakers are that volume at your ears. Now for the sub, make it 3-6 dB louder then the other speakers because your ear is less sensitive to the other speakers. Before I got my SPL meter I had the sub way too loud and didn't know it, it was about 7 decibels louder than it was suppose to be! So once you get all your channels calibrated and the sub still distorts at too low of a volume for your liking, sell it and save up for a beefier one was Mark said.

  • 01-21-2004, 12:51 PM
    Thanks for the feedback
    I think I will go for a beefier sub, any suggestions?
  • 01-21-2004, 01:19 PM
    This Guy
    Well first get an SPL meter and make sure your channels are set correctly. If you buy the meter you may find you don't even need a new sub. So make sure you get the meter (its at radioshack). After you clibrate it and it's still not good, give us a budget and room size and we can help.