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Thread: Kef VS. Tannoy

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    Kef VS. Tannoy

    Hey Everyone! I am new to this site but I am in need of some help. I am trying to decide the main differences between Kef Speakers and Tannoy speakers that a consumer like myself would understand and possibly why a retailer would sell one over the other and the other way around. If any one can help me out reply to this ASAP.

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    Well, they are both old, respected British makes.

    Kef likes their small concentric drivers and star wars styling while Tannoy generally prefers separate drivers in plain old boxes lately, although they had big concentrics in big boxes way back when.

    They are both good and the main differences would be in their sound. Have you listened to them? That should help you decide which is for you.

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    I have listened to both Tannoy and KEF speakers on my gear and both make good speakers. Here are how they sounded to me.

    The KEF's sounded detailed, dynamamic and spacious but also a bit lightweight.

    The Tannoy's were smooth, musical and never harsh but maybe a little too laid back at times.

    What price range/models were you looking at?
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