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    Question KEF Coda 70 - problem

    Hi All –

    I have a problem with a KEF Coda 70 speaker (just one of them, I own a pair). I have had these for over a year and I love them as an upgrade to the Coda 7 pair that I still own . The problem came when the amp I was using (Cambridge Audio P25) got a blown capacitor. I got a new amp and am driving the old pair of Coda 7 speakers with it – because, for some reason, not sure why, the woofer on one of the Coda 70 speakers does not work anymore; the tweeter is fine. I have opened the cabinet and everything looks pristine inside. I see no problems with the circuitry or the mechanical assembly.

    I am a fan of decent sound for not too much money. So… Does anyone know what the problem might be? I do not own any electrical equipment and so have done no proper testing of bits and pieces. I do not want to get rid of the speakers if they are fixable. Also, if they are fixable, I would like to fix them—otherwise I will upgrade over the Coda 7’s, since the 70’s were a noticeable jump in quality over the 7’s (tighter, better bass extension, more immediate), and I want that back one way or another.


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    I wonder if when the capacitor failed it sent a voltage spike that killed the woofer. There are more knowledgeable members that can speak on this issue. I would remove the woofer and have a shop electrically check the voice coil. Also I am wondering if the cone may exceeded it's excursion limits. Will the cone still move? A cone can get stuck out beyond the voice coil gap and if you are very lucky you might be able to work it back into place. I would not give up on the speakers but first try to solve what happened.

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