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    JL W3 12" broken

    The excursion on my subs will not go all the way down, and it just rattles when i play it. Is there any way of fixing this? Thanks for any responses.

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    That would be the diaphragm of the subwoofer, not 'excursion'. In physics, excursion refers to a movement from and back to a mean position in alternating motion.
    It could be that you 'fried' the voice coil. Did this happen after you played something very loudly? If you push the cone in and it doesn't move easily, then you cooked the voice coil. Fixing it would be a difficult task, try contacting a JL Audio dealer or contacting them directly.

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    how loud are you playing your music? rattling can have multiple reasons:
    your surrounds could be broken (over excursion can cause this...).
    the voice coil can be hitting the back plate of the woofer when being played, if you turn it down, does the rattling completely dissapear? then it could be this. this can destroy the voice coil in the "long" term, so be careful when playing very very loud.
    the voice coil could be cooked, as a result of playing to loud for a long time, causing the voice coil to overheat and then melt.
    the conus could be misaligned. Did your sub have this from the moment you bought it?
    does your subwoofer have ports (bass holes)? if you play low bass at high volumes, it could create turbulence in the ports, though this doesn't completely sound like rattling...

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