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    JBL LX44 speakers?

    Hey guys I recently came across a set of LX-44's that need a good refoam but that seems to be the only problem with them.

    The guy is asking $150 for the speakers.

    What do you guys think? Also, what kind of amp on a college budget could I get that would go well with them?



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    That speaker has an 026Ti tweeter, 405G midrange, and 408G woofer. Do both the 405G and 408G need refoaming? If so, then $150 is too much. Those refoams will cost $2030 each at a reliable speaker center. I believe factory kits are no longer available, so generic kits will need to be substituted.

    There are still replacement drivers available from JBL. The 405G is $40.60 and the 408G is $152.24.

    When fully restored, though, they will be very nice speakers.

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