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    JBL L-96 on high great!

    I finally decided to put away the original JBL wooden low-riding stands in favour of some Sound Anchors that bought used. Sand filling is next....they work amazing this way, without the floor augmenting some freq. without authorizarion.

    The L-96's are driven by a Lazarus Class A tube hybrid (6DJ8's), Berning preamp (6 12AT7's for line stage and 4 12AX7's for phono)..super nice combo.

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    These are classic JBL's right? Can you buy them somewhere?
    I'm looking for speakers of this size to replace my bad BOSE ones.

    What are the dimentions?

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    Mine were made in the late 70's or early 80's....they are from long gone series...You can find them on Ebay or

    I bought mine at a shop,,,in as new condition......

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