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    An interesting speaker and review...

    You all may have seen this already, but I found it an interesting read on msnbc. Check it out and see what you think...

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    I always thought those were nice looking speakers. I'm waiting for the review on them.

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    I haven't heard the C&C's but at least now I understand their bizarre shape. I've seen pictures of them in natural finishes which I find to be far more appealing than these "sunburst" jobs. Maybe someday I'll find a pair to audition.

    Thanks for the review, very interesting.

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    I'm a fan of single driver speakers

    Quote Originally Posted by IRG
    You all may have seen this already, but I found it an interesting read on msnbc. Check it out and see what you think...
    That's what I'm using for my computer rig. You loose all of the problems with crossovers. It's funny how little speakers in the nearfield can just sound "right" when it takes really good multiple driver speakers to get that same "rightness"

    There's actually many single driver speakers using sophisticated horn loading, and unusual designed drivers too. Most of these were designed with the SET crowd in mind, although with Nelson Pass designing a 10 watt amp (gotta be his lowest powereed amp ever)!, looks like the SS guys will be looking into this too.
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