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    Infinity Kappa 7.1 Owners, Help Please!!

    I recently purchased some Kappa 7.1 II speakers and curiosity got the best of me. I pulled the woofer out of each speaker only to stumble across a mystery. My Kappa's appear to have foam traps inside only each speaker is different than the other and both speakers differ from infinity's drawing below. These speaker's are consecutive serial numbers which made me curious.

    One speaker looks like this inside: Dacron batting at the bottom of the box on only one side of the front facing port (split the speaker in half and it would be on the right side facing the front of the speaker) filled about halfway up the port. There are two foam baffles shape like a trapezoid, one above the woofer and one below.

    The other speaker is identical with the addition of a piece of foam directly behind the woofer up against the back of the box (it's missing gin the other speaker completely).

    I was able to get the original drawing from Infinity which actually shows no batting at the bottom of the box, just an additional foam trap like the two flanking the woofer. The drawing also shows no foam behind the woofer. Official word from infinity (John Rico, in Northridge, Ca) says that it may have been a running change however he has no documentation regarding the way my cabinets are set up which was the case allot of the time with infinity, revision's weren’t always documented.

    If anyone has or knows someone who has these speakers, would it be possible for you to tell me what the inside of your cabinet looks like as far as batting and foam placement, especially at the bottom, below the port.

    I have attached a couple of photos of what mine look like and the original drawing from Infinity. One pic shows the 10" X 22" piece of foam found behind the one woofer and the trapezoid foam baffles. The other shows the batting that was around one side of the port at the bottom, no foam on the bottom like the drawing shows.


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