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    I need new speakers

    I cuurently have an old set of Infinity 2004SS's. I just put some new woofers in them but I want something better.With my speakers 1' off the wall, I am around 7' from them.I have a wall on one side (heavy curtains on this side) and the other side is relatively open, I'm on one side of a loft.The wall behind me is 15' away, as my back is to the open side of the loft.My ceiling is 8' there.I'm using a Carver CT7 pre-amp, Carver TFM 24 amp, and a Marantz CD5001 cd player.This is music only, mostly harder rock, alternative, classic rock, and some Motown occasionally. Never any Jazz, Blues, or classical, and never, ever any country! When I'm in my chair, I'd like a good sound with some adequate thump from the bass, however when I'm downstairs sound isn't a concern because it's only background music at that time.I'm looking around a grand or under. I've looked at Aperion, B&W 603's, some Triangle and Energy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take a look at KEF IQ9's..

    They port to the front so backing them up against a wall won't be particularly problematic. They're in the ballpark with comparable offerings from Paradigm, Energy and B&W. They won't give you the 'thump' you may be looking for but if you're using a sub, this won't be an issue.

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    For Hard Rock, there is one speaker that will be killer.

    They are no longer in production but are very very good. I had a pair but sold them to a mate of mine who listens to hard rock mostly - Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden etc.

    The speakers are the Polk Audio RT3000p. They are also magic for home theatre. I've yet to hear a speaker with a combination of such bass power and bass speed. I still miss 'em, and frequently question my sanity in selling them, but you can't keep everything. You'll have to check out ebay, probably for several months, but if you see them, buy em. They go for about $2000 and perhaps a bit more - I know the price is starting to go up as they are comparitively rare. You'll have to be quick because a lot of people want them. I can tell you with complete confidence, especially for your application, you will find nothing new that will even come close at the used price. They are IMO, with the exception of the SRTs (which fill up a room and are uugly) unquestionablly the best consumer speakers Polk ever made, and I always found their imposing presence very attractive.

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    What model triangles are you looking at? They are very well built and accurate speakers.
    Excellent tweeters. My friend has a pair of Triangle towers. i forget the name but they were about $3500pr. Very clean detailed sound with tight bass. The image extremely well. Stereophile Class A rated.
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