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    I love my new Mirage Omnisats!

    After getting the B&W 603 floor standers nixed by the wife for taking up too much room, I picked up the Omnisats and a Velodyne DLS3750R 10" sub. I can't believe how great they sound in my family room! I just got them hooked up last night and at some point turned on "The Last Samurai" on HBO in 5.1. I was thrilled at the sound even at a lower level (It was about midnight). Today I put on some music - Al Jarreau, Chicago, Steely Dan - and everything sounds great! I was using the Bose Acoustimass 10 and I would have to say these Omnisats with the sub sound twice as good as the Bose. I then played the attack scene from the movie "Pearl Harbor" in DTS 5.1 and was blown away.
    I can't believe I fell for the marketing of the Bose name and didn't compare the sound 6 years ago when I bought them.
    The Omnisats sound very full and warm. Even at high levels they don't have that harsh sound that the Bose system has. I would highly recommend these speakers to anyone.
    I'm using the Yamaha RX-V750 receiver.
    The Omnisats usually run $249 each but, after getting the B&W 603s nixed and started looking at the Omnisats again, I saw Tweeter was having a 15% off sale online. I went to the local store and told them about the online special and they gave me everything 15% off including the Velodyne sub. So, I paid about $212 ea for the Omnisats and $425 for the sub instead of $499.
    By the way, after reading about the great speaker wire debate, I just bought a spool of Carol 14-ga. in-wall speaker wire from Home Depot for $84. I can't believe that more expensive cable would sound any better.
    I couldn't be more pleased with the whole system!
    George Stott

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    Congrats! You have released yourself from Bose and can now enjoy sound you never thought possible with your old system.


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