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    I am planning a portable speaker project

    I want to create my portable speaker box. I am new so please give me some more patience .
    My idea is use TP4056 chargers to charge two li-ion, then via step-up boost modules feed PAM8403 3W amp, and PAM8610 10W amp. I will use two 4Ohm 3W bass speakers and two 4Ohm 6W full-range speakers. Enclosure will be from wood. I don't know if it's good to use a sealed enclosure or one with bass reflex.And my question is, if the scheme is correct or incorrect.
    Much appreciated.
    I am planning a portable speaker project-tkzn4.jpg

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    There is a lot more to designing/building speaker systems than just reading their specs. With speakers everything makes a difference.
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    I'm doing pretty much the same.

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