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    Humming noise in my KRK Rokits - help!!

    Hey, I have the KRK RP5s,when I connect them up to my laptop they make a louding buzzing/humming noise. I have no idea why this is happening. The speakers work fine when i connect them to say my dj decks or my ipod, and my laptop does not make the noise when i play it through other speakers. The noise only occurs when both are connected together. However the noise stops when i unplug the power cable for my laptop. Does anyone have any solutions or know why this is happening? Is it something to do with the earthing of the plugs? They are both powered from the same mains supply,is this something to do with it?
    Please help!!thanks in advance

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    You know, normally when someone asks a question, we have to ask them for more information. Not this time. You clearly have a ground loop. The unplugging making the humming go away is a giveaway.

    That said, I forget how to fix it. Anyone else remember?
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    humm noises in your speakers

    Did you find a way to get rid of the noise when you plug into your laptop?

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    simple fix.... go to radio shack and buy a ground loop isolator $17.50 rca to rca

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