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    how are the kef q series speakers with rxv 2400 receiver?

    how are those speakers? what are ur reviews on them? thnks

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    That would be a fine receiver/speaker combo IMO if you like jazz or classical. I auditioned some Q9's recently and found them good at anything that doesn't have a guitar or heavy drum. So, if you like rock, hip hop, or even country, I'd probably not go with the Q series.

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    I think anything (even a pair of JBL) will sound extremely good with that amp.

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    i know the rxv 2400 is a nice receiver but the fact that i have to turn it volume up to about -20 for tv and -17 for dvds make it seem like its not that powerful. i dont know if it makes sense. but my way of thinking is that it should get real loud and clear without turning the voulme that much. i guess its cause it goes up .5 at a time. by the way i decided to go with klipsch speakers since a lot of pple say that the amp is kinna laid back. i also heard that klipsch might be too bright but i like it. it doesnt sound too bright to me. i also heard that the rxv 2400 is suppose to be warmer than the previous models. i guess different ppl have different opinions.

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