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    Question Help me pick a sub, please

    I am trying to find a decent sub to pair with my system, I have an Outlaw 1050 and a pair of KEF Q1's, I'm using them about 60/40 music/ht. It doesn't have to be real loud, and it doesn't have to be new, in fact, used is probably the way I'm going to go, my price point is about 250, I've heard a Klipsch sub ( a 10 something or another) that actually made a pretty good match, just want to make sure I'm not missing something. It will be sitting on carpet, btw. Thanks

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    You can now get a brand new very good quality subwoofer for a low price. Try Hsu Research, STF-1. With free shipping and no tax, the final price is $299. 7 year warranty too.

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    I recommend going for the Definitive Technology PS80- I recently picked it up for $275 (I think it retails for $350). I am very pleased with this subwoofer!! I am using it with Mirage FRX5 floorstanding speakers and an older Sony receiver.

    Check it out at

    You can just call them and ask to speak with a salesperson and they'll cut you a deal. You can pretty much get 20-30% off of their prices- they also match internet deals. Free shipping, too!

    Good luck!

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