Hi all,

Over the past year I have replaced the speakers that came years ago in my kenwood 400 hometheater in a box. I now have Athena as2s up front and b1s in the back. My sub stopped working unexpectedly this weekend and I wasn't quite as prepared for it as I should have been.

So with limited funds, I began searching for subwoofer deals. I went to Circuit City and Best Buy to hear the Polk PW12, the Athena P4000, and some others. But I should have stayed home instead. I found it impossible to determine how those subs sounded in the store. The Athena was sitting on a shelf that rattled so loud it made it sound like the speaker was falling apart. I then decided to buy from the internet if I found a deal.

Well to my good or bad fortune, I don't know yet, I found a Velodyne VRP-1200 on overstock.com for $226 bucks. And I got an $20 credit for a future purchase and free shipping. BUT, I bought it based on reviews and never heard it. Now I'm stressed and hoping I didn't waste the money. That's what I get for surfing the web at 3:30 am and shopping.

So how can you help? Please, tell me what you think. Do you think the VRP-1200 is decent for the money, I know it's not a SKS or other top sub, but is it a dog? And also what about overstock.com? Good or bad place to buy from? Site said the sub was brand new, not a refurb. I've seen mixed reviews all over the place for this sub.

I'll let you know in a couple of days(Hopefully) what the outcome is.