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    HELP B&W 603 s3 or NAIM Intro 2

    Please could someone shed so expert light on my problem of speaker choice. I am looking at spending about 650 on some speakers. Presentation is very important so when I saw the B&W 603 s3 I wanted then straight away. I have listened to them and they sounded good also. But i have also listened to Naim Intro 2 at a cost of 640 They seemed to sound much better than the B&W's. This is so disapointing as the Naims dont touch the B&W on looks. Is there anyone who has listened to or has experience in both these makes as i am not sure whether the B&W s sounded average or whether it was their setup. the Naims seemed to have such clarity and so I am in a dilema. If there are other speakers that look as good as the B&W s then i would be up for a look also.

    Thanks for anyone that can help me on this one.


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    To put it bluntly it is not likely to find a good speaker that also looks good. many manufacturers try and convince the public of this of course because consumers want looks and sonics take a back seat - consumers want slim speakers which take a back seat to sound and many do both.

    I have not heard the Naim and I doubt any on this forum have. Try and listen to both in the same room with the same gear running them to know for sure. The 603S3 needs to be well away from a back wall - and possibly have the bass plug filled with the bass bungs. B&W is generally one of the best for mixing competant to very good sound with nice looks.

    Since you're in Britain check out Audio Note and Linn speakers and even PMC has started using nicer wood finishes. None of them look as good as the B&W's - but what do you want good sound or nice looking speakers that after 6 months may as well be plant holders?

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