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    Help! Anyone w/ Ozone Decontamination Experience

    Guys. I recently left a pot-o-chicken on the stove and forgot about it... Needless to say, it eventually caught fire and made a real mess. Greasy chicken soot throughout the house. The cleanup is an insurance deal, probably $15K to $20K worth.

    Question. The first step in the cleanup is ozone to decompose the organic stink compounds. The stuff is amazing, I swear it broke down the grease to a powdery substance. I understand it oxidizes organic compounds, which makes sense. I also understand ozone will attack rubbers and polymers, which also makes sense. HAS ANYONE HEARD OF THIS PROCESS CAUSING PROBLEMS FOR SPEAKERS, SPECIFICALLY THE RUBBER SURROUNDS? Issues with other electronics? I need specific information please, not conjecture. I can conjecture by myself just fine.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Im not sure if it will harm them. But, if you turn your speaks on in a couple weeks and cones fall on the floor, then you can prob guess that they did harm them.
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